Luxurious industrial meets modern sculptural with a beautifully natural twist.

Formation’s approach to biohacking applies an elite set of customised services that utilise science and technology to exponentially improve health, and boosts physical and cognitive performance.

As Dubai’s leading biohacking performance and recovery facility, our studio leverages the science of design, aesthetic and psychology to enhance your experience with our cutting-edge technologies.

Our Studio

Every minute you spend in our studio space encourages your transformation. Our sleek studio space is inviting and aesthetically calming and clean. Nothing detracts from your experience.

Our studio space provides an immersive experience by providing:

Specially-engineered music that matches your ideal brain waves for performance (gamma + beta + alpha) and recovery (delta + delta)
Light therapy and colour psychology
The deep power of scent tailored to your needs
NASA-approved air-purifying plants to help provide a high-quality indoor atmosphere
Personal care products carefully selected to be free of dangerous chemical toxins
Cleaning products and methods that reduce health issues and environmental pollution
Water from fitted filters to create truly clean water – one of life’s key necessities
Absence of electromagnetic field (EMF) and radiofrequency (RF) radiation

The entire design aesthetic was selected to enhance your journey towards life transformation.