Juice Bar

A drink for every occasion. A drink for everybody.

Formation is Dubai’s only performance and recovery studio of its kind. Offering an unmatched biohacking experience that integrates health innovations, highly-advanced data driven technology and the latest scientifically-proven methods, Formation will help you transform your life.

Pre and post-workout
For performance, conditioning & recovery
Bio-individual to you
Bio-available to your body
Designed with your optional health, performance, and longevity in mind


We’re excited to be part of a global movement to help transform one of humanity’s oldest social rituals into an opportunity to normalise better mind and body health. So, we offer a suite if tasty options for drinking non-alcoholic, functional mocktails enhanced by active plants and mushrooms.


We offer ridiculously healthy coffee that's good for you, and the planet too – made with ridiculously clean filtered water