IV Treatments

Functional Wellness Drips

Restore, repair, reform.

IV treatments deliver the perfect blend of vitamins for your body’s specific needs. Find balance by pairing a customized IV drip with a potent vitamin boost or find youthfulness and recovery with NAD+ IV drips.

Price: AED 1,100 for each Functional Wellness Drip

Requires 12-hour advanced booking.

Contact Formation to schedule your IV treatment today.

Anti-Stress + Antioxidant
Blood Boost + Iron
Energy Boost + Fitness
Glowing & Radiant Skin
Gut Cleanse
Hair Regenerate
Immunity Boost + Hydration
Liver Detox
Women's Multivitamin
Performance IV Drips

NAD+ IV Drips

NAD+ 250 mg
NAD+ 500 mg
NAD+ 750 mg
NAD+ 1,000 mg
IV Treatment Add Ons

Custom Additions

Amino Blend - AED 450
Alpha Lipoic Acid - AED 200
Glutathione - AED 400
Iron - AED 150
Magnesium - AED 150
Pain-killer, Anti-sickness, Antacid - AED 300
Selenium - AED 150
Vitamin B12 - AED 200
Vitamin B-Complex - AED 200
Vitamin C - AED 300
Vitamin D3 - AED 200
Zinc - AED 150